As Seen @ CapMetro: Maximiano Deems

Hey Austinites, I hope y’all have been managing to keep your spirits up this week with the gloomy weather we’ve been having! 

Here’s an As Seen @ from this afternoon, on my way to the office. Meet, my new stylish pal, Max. 

We were on the same bus route today and the fringey elbow holes in his jacket called out to me. 

When I asked Max a little more about these threads, he told me that he got the jacket from a bar he used to work at. It had been abandoned for over a year (clearly up for grabs by that point, of course). The jacket itself is originally from a club in Dallas that was poppin back in the 80s.


The knit sweater is wool and thrifted and the boots were DIY by a friend. 

Okay, but this As Seen & gets even cooler…
Come to find out, via FB, we have a mutual friend, Gladys, whom I also met very randomly. Gladys and I met during Red River Free Music Week at Mohawk. We chatted  and she gave me the heads up about a queer punk show later. Even more random, homegirl was just in Austin from Miami for the week. What. Wild!! 
Anywho, Austin, though the 11th largest city in the nation (and growing), is delightfully small. 

Thank you again for the spontaneous bus photo shoot, Max!!