Vestures of Vaness: Call Me Polkahontas

Today, on Vestures of Vaness, I have a little outfit for you. Pocahontas was obviously my childhood Disney doppelgänger (well, her and Jasmin – they were the only brown ones back in the day). So, when my first customer of the day told me this necklace reminded her of Pocahontas, how could I not name this after the barefooted kindred spirit?

Also, polka dots. Heyo. 

Here I have on:

  • Caterpillar Footwear Worksong Wingtip Oxfords
  • Guess high waisted black denim shorts
  • Random black leather waist belt 
  • Charter Club polka dotted button-up 
  • A rad necklace that I borrowed from my Mumsies’ armoire 
  • Converse clear, round-frame glasses (yes, they are prescription)

The principle: Wear much black and indulge in the art of colour pop. XO


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