A Little More on Cycle 23, A Little More Hollering at @tyrabanks

Why, I literally cannot even right meow.
This happened while I was at work this evening: 
What had happened was: Tyra Banks was free styling on daytime television today – as she does. Homegirl is gonna do what a homegirl is gonna do. So, I tweeted about it – as I do. Tyra favorited it and I freaked out and told one of my bestest friends (shout out to @_celinemarie) and she encouraged me to tweet Tyra the link to my last blog post.

By this point, I had lost heart, thinking that Tyra would not see my little ‘ol post after previously tweeting and Instagramming her. However, with a little push from a friend and a little trembling, I did.

You see, I did this half-heartedly before taking off to work at the café of my employment. I thought that by this point, I should not expect a response.

At one point during my shift, I looked down at my phone and saw a handful of notifications from Twitter. My giddy, little thought was, “Oooh, am I going viral?”

Then the jackhammer of screenshots came through (via Celine again) and hit me.

Wait. Not only did Tyra see my tweet, but it moved her enough to share it with the rest of the Twitterverse?!


Pardon me, but…




– Tyra Banks

Did I scream? Did I jump and dance around? Did my boyfriend take a slightly embarrassing video of me doing a combination of these and post it on Instagram? Did we proceed to partake in a celebratory cocktail?

Yes yes yes yes.

Time to jump back into the depths here, folks. Indeed, I did taste a second of limelight, but I have no intention of settling down. Are you coming with me? Let us talk more about Cycle 23 – not in the campaigning thereof, but what actually are we to do?

Redefine beauty. Carry on. Inspire. Care for others. Do rad things.

All of this, and more.

Tyra never expected America’s Next Top Model to become a worldwide phenomena. Surely, she nor anyone else with a hand in producing the show could have predicted the fire to catch on with such gusto. Who says it must die with the lack of screen time? I think not.

Undoubtedly, exciting things are ahead.

Join me in redefining beauty and defining Cycle 23. Let us carry on in such a spirit. May we inspire and may we care for those around us ever so fiercely. I am setting my sails to do some rad things, won’t you be my neighbor?


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