Vestures of Vaness: Brunch and Banks

The other day, I was meeting up/reuniting with a sweet friend for brunch with plans of going to the bank to do some business afterwards. This outfit is what crossed my mind that morning as to what would be apropriate for both situations (and unexpected situations, because there are always unexpected situations) – because errands and brunch dates should definitely be done fabulously.

Here is the most important lesson that I learned: Do not wear barely fitting high waisted jeans to brunch! I mean, brunch is for enjoying your food and your company in leisure. The Vestures of Vaness are all about looking AND feeling fabulous, like cashmere.
I was pretty stoked about this outfit until I sat down. Too real? Just real enough.

Alrighty, let’s have a look at these vestures.


Sunnies: $1 no-name shades, thrifted (also mentioned in this last post)

Leather jacket: soft leather (100%!) moto-style jacket by Q40

Top: Black and Tan striped with 3/4 sleeves and black lace back detail by Bershka

Jeans: vintage high waisted, acid-washed denim by Jordache

Boots: black leather boots by Betty, made in Italy

I’m pretty crazy about all of these pieces and hope it might inspire your wardrobe in this not-quite-Winter-not-quite-Spring season! Also, take heed to my warnings about brunching in high-waisted denim. You will be glad you did.





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