Redefine Cycle 23: #ANTMisback Pt I – Dream Panel

Wait, so it is not over anymore?

In case you have not heard yet, America’s Next Top Model is totally coming back! The confirmed news trickled throughout the interwebs including a casting call with directions of how to apply and the hashtag, “#ANTMisBack” to spread awareness and hype.

Here is the sitch, as far as I know:

America’s Next Top Model is being picked up by VH1. Tyty will continue to be the executive producer, but she will no longer be the host/presenter.

According to this article by Variety, the new ANTM will be set in New York City, just like the beginnings of America’s Next Top Model.

A teaser poster was released with the tag line, “This Fall the runway gets a revamp.”

So little info, so much intrigue!

Well, at this point, any ANTM aficionado can only dream (and scour the Internet for hints, obviously) of who the new host and panel might consist of. Here are my little ‘ol musings:

HostHeidi Klum There is certainly a reason why Heidi Klum is such a familiar face to fans and followers of Project Runway, America’s Got Talent and Germany’s Next Top Model. There is something about Heidi that translates so well through television. She is a classic example of a supermodel-turned businesswoman! After being a Victoria’s Secret angel for 13 years, she carried on to be a host, judge and executive producer of Project Runway – sound a little like someone else we know and love? I would carry on, but I think it is already evident that I am woman crushing on Heidi Klum and think that she would make an absolutely fabulous host for the new, revamped ANTM.

Heidi Klum by Francesco Carrozzini for Vogue Italia July 2015


Judge/Creative Director – Marc Jacobs I mean, right? Surely, those of you who follow him on Twitter can see how he might have a great presence on a panel of judges. It isn’t just about presence either, Marc Jacobs has experience up the wazoo. There is the Marc Jacobs line and the Marc by Marc Jacobs line and so on and so forth. He is no stranger to the business, and has worked with the likes of Heidi Klum (ahem), Naomi Campbell, and Victoria Beckham – just to name a few. I may be biased because I love Louis Vuitton and Marc was the creative director of the house for 17 years, but this is my dream panel – I can dream what I want to.

Marc Jacobs

Judge/Pose Mentor – Coco Rocha Having the “Queen of Pose” as a judge and mentor to work with models seems like an obvious choice. There is a video of her modeling 50 poses in 30 seconds – yes, seriously. Furthermore, on October of 2016, the book Study of Pose was released. This is an encyclopedia of poses modeled by Coco Rocha and shot by Steven Sebring. Brilliant! Needless to say, I would love love love to be able to work with and learn from her.

Coco Rocha by Steven Meisel for Vogue


Judge/Runway Mentor – Winnie Harlow Surely, one previous contestant of America’s Next Top Model needed to be on this panel and why not Winnie Harlow, of cycle 21 who is currently making waves in the fashion industry?! She placed 6th in the running to be the Top Model, but has gone on to walk fashion show after fashion show since then. Gaining experience and exposure has led her to be the current brand ambassador for the clothing brand, Desigual, alongside Adriana Lima – impressive and awe-inspiring! Winnie has the skin condition, vitiligo, and is able to use her modeling career as a platform to raise awareness as well as speak about beauty and equality. If that is not what #redefineCycle23 is about, I do not know what is.

Winnie Harlow by Mary Rozzi for the Observer

Judge/Photographer – Michael Avedon If that last name sounds familiar, it is because he is the grandson of the legendary photographer, Richard Avedon! Michael Avedon first caught my interest when I came across this Harper’s Bazaar article in which he collaborated with Emma Ferrer, granddaughter of Audrey Hepburn, a grand inspiration of mine and many. Michael’s brilliant work is in fashion and portraits. He has shot tons of fashion advertisements and editorials for major fashion moguls. I would love to be fashionably shot by him!

Michael Avedon self portrait


Well, there is my ANTM fantasy league for you, folks. Chime in and tell me your thoughts! Who would you love to see on the new America’s Next Top Model panel? Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for Part II: I’m Still Short.


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