As Seen @ SXSW: Valeria

The South by Southwest extravaganza is in full swing in Austin! For those of you who are not familiar, SXSW is a convention with a focus on independent film, music from all over, and the “cutting edge” of technology (outdated phrase, I know).

What is my favorite part? The clothes, duh. Outfits embodying styles of all kinds put a feeling of freedom in the air.

My first featured, style slayer is Val, of! I creepily sat down and started talking to her at Cenote because her patterned ensemble was calling out to me. A handful of minutes before I sat down with her, she had just started an Instagram account, @SXSpatterns to document the great patterned clothes that are flitting about Austin. So it looks like my grand creepery turned out to be timely happenstance.

Well, this is Val and Val is really rad . I did not even realize prior to sitting down, but she was not speaking because she had lost her voice! We managed to communicate via technology and she told me that she had not had a real conversation in 4 days. Eeesh. That is rough.

Val is absolutely slaying the patterns-on-patterns game with her Ace Ventura shirt, patterned/high-waisted pants and polka dotted spots. Get it, Val.


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