Vestures of Vaness: Turn Your Misadventures Into Fur Coats

This, dear fabulous people is less of a cautionary tale than my last post, and more of an applicable success story.

By the way, greetings from Austin, Texas! It was quite the adventure driving here from San Jose, California. I mean, if we are going to be real about life, I was mostly a passenger whilst Troy (fiancé 😏) drove. The misadventure that resulted in such fabulosity came via the second broken tire. It got tore up on I-10, somewhere in Texas. Meanwhile, the sky decided to open up and water the land. Sigh. Troy put the spare on the little Toyota Echo and we found the nearest town with a tire repair shop.

That detour took us through a path called Deer Canyon and anyone that knows me knows how much that speaks to me.  Eventually, we ended up in the town of Iraan, Texas. The rain was pouring, but the tire was being replaced. A boutique happened to be open, so we took a look and what did we find?

This fantastic fur coat! (Shout out to my Cheetah Girls.) Troy bought it for me while I was paying the tire man and surprised me with it, as well as a sympathy note with condolences for the tire. Isn’t he the most fabulous?

Give Me Cashmere Principle For Life: When life tears up your tires, go have coffee, find some fabulous fur to wear and tear up the town.




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