As Seen @ Frontier Days: Janzen in Lace

Oh, the wonder that is Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming! Native American youth dancing in full tribal outfits, staged gunfights, lasso stations, live music and free breakfast! Did I mention free breakfast? You get pancakes! You get pancakes! EVERY BODY GETS PANCAKES. Frontier Days is a longtime rodeo/western celebration dating back to 1897. It is kind of a big deal.

Let’s just say that Cheyenne was a delightful stop on the Coast to Coast road trip. The capital city is packed with great finds like antique shops, craft beer in an old train station and a whole lot of Pokemon.

Whilst there, I met Janzen, who happens to be from Texas! Her ensemble caught my eye on my way out of the square, and she so graciously let me take a few photos to share with you all.

I absolutely love her mustard lace maxi dress!

A little style tip that I am going to take away from this outfit is to find a belt that wraps around multiple times – simple, makes sense.

Oh, and the bag – do you see that LV bag?

 Thank you, sweet Janzen for letting me bother you! Friends, go check out @jypsyjanzen on Instagram.



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