Vestures of Vaness: Destination – Fierce Up

Greetings from SFO; I am about to board a plane to Vegas! Woooo, Vegas baby! 
My homegirl, Tyty is hosting an extravaganza featuring her beauty line, Tyra Beauty. In announcing this event, she also made a video shoutout to call all models to show up with a chance to be one of the faces of Tyra Beauty! 

She calls it, Fierce Up and you better believe that casting call spoke into my life. In addition, other important people like Nyle DiMarco and scouts for ANTM will be there!

As this both a “Tyty is My Homegirl” and a “Vestures of Vaness” post, here is the comfortable ensemble I put together for the flight:

  • Black crop top 
  • Vintage wool button up (thrifted this one in Fayetteville, Arkansas)
  • Cheap Monday high waisted black skinny jeans ($1 at a Boy Scout yard sale)
  • Vintage Coach handbag (first designer handbag that the hubs bought me when we were dating)
  • Floral dress bag 
  • Birkenstocks

I almost missed my flight because I am number dyslexic (what is the technical name for that anyways?) and went to gate 86 instead of 68. Silly. 
Alas, I am on my way. Root for me friends!



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