LFW: Markus Lupfer Presentation SS17

A little taste of London Fashion Week whimsy for your Monday. I stumbled across this collection thanks to a blog by Anne Bernecker. Markus Lupfer’ SS17 collection/presentation sparked my interest with the array of patterns on patterns, textures, and tones.

Simply, but not quite couture-ly put, this collection is so rad.


This collection is a celebration of fun! Not only that, I must point out this prime example of mixing styles – take note; your personal style does not have to be confined to a “norm”. Preppy. Goth. Punk. Boho. Be not confined. Kick down the boxes.

Lupfer successfully communicated a collection that speaks into a look that is simultaneously pretty, tough, whimsical, and dark.





The set design perfectly juxtaposed growing flowers with an otherwise gray and white room.


This illustration is for you, Wildflowers! Do you feel me? There you are amongst other wildflowers and sometimes unforgiving landscape. You may have heard the phrase “Grow where you are planted” enough times to grow numb to the phrase. Nevertheless, grow.

Bloom, Wildflowers, bloom.


Here’s to you, dear “different” friends. xx


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