New Year, New Cashmere

Happy 2017, everyone! It has been way too long since I have published anything, not for lack of subject matter. 2016 was a rough one, a rough one that turned me into a linguistic captive. My inability to articulate has hurt my mental health in ways that I have not previously experienced. I am talking about anxiety. I am talking about depression. I am talking about fear. I am talking about doubt. I am talking about insecurity. Sometimes, the times when you most want someone to help you up, brush you off and tell you everything is going to be okay are the times when you need to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and press on even though you do not know what ‘okay’ is going to look like. I don’t feel a breeze of wind coming to turn the next page anytime soon, so this is me mustering up the stamina to turn it.

New Year New Me

New Year New You

New Year New Hair

New Year New ______

You know what I am getting at. New Year, New Me has become a saying of mockery and irony. The statistic about the number of gym-goers in January compared to any other time of the year only adds to the big joke of how the New Year is actually a great time to start anew. It is a wise effort to step in time with the rhythm of life. The earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the earth. In all of that, there is movement. Energy is given, energy is received. Accept the energy of a natural shift ie, a New Year, and allow it to give you momentum to meet these intentions.

New Year, New _____ does not have to be a cliché. Even further, do not let it be a cliché.

For me, this means putting on a new mind and pushing forward. In other words, for the brand’s sake, I am working on Giving Myself Cashmere this year. That means pulling creative and entrepreneurial endeavors into focus. That means making healthy physical, mental and spiritual habits and practices. That means going for it all with an intention of slaying on every level.

Giving Myself Cashmere means living a higher quality of life. This concerns being conscious of:

  • What goes on my body – This speaks to economic stimulus as well as personal stimulus.  The community thrives when you shop amongst yourselves. Why are sweatshops full of children mass-producing clothes still a thing of the present? Shop small, shop local, shop smart – that is: buy/keep what I need and not in excess; if I need to buy; I want to put my money back into the economy of my community and invest in wise purchases of enduring quality.
  • What goes in my body – Part of being a healthier and happier includes communicating with my body to find out what it needs to eat. Also, liquids. Working in 3rd wave coffee, it is  normal to have a high tolerance to caffeine – which is also known as a caffeine addiction. So far, I have been successful in limiting myself to a shot of espresso and/or a cup of coffee each day. Replacing that extra cup (those extra cups) of coffee with water is a good start to re-hydrating, which is important for brain power.
  • What goes on in my body – This speaks towards exercising. I go to a gym that I like and I admittedly was drawn to it because of the sauna and steam room access. I need that in my life. Seeing and feeling progress is great, endorphins are great, but knowing that I am taking care of my God-given body gives a special kind of rest. Just as I am still learning how to nail down a gym routine, I am figuring out how to exercise boundaries. That is real talk. I am reading the book, Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, and it has been very helpful and insightful. A very relevant one right now has to do with self preservation whilst working in the service industry. The fact is that I give my energy to people on the other side of a counter or a phone line and sometimes it is great, but sometimes it is beyond draining and leaves me with less to be able to express kindness, gentleness and patience to the ones in my life that need, require and crave that from me.

Feel free to leave a comment on this post – I would love to read what you have to say as this conversation is here for you to participate in as well. Share with me those high quality, Made in America online clothing shops. Post a link of your favorite healthy, tasty recipe. Recommend cosmetics with natural ingredients! Impart some mental health habits that you find helpful.

This year has not had an easy start. I speak for myself. I speak in reference to America and the whole world. We must press on. All of this, because there is no time better than today to take a stride away from the hot mess of last year and towards the beautiful human God created you to be. We must press on.

Cheers to a New Year. Cheers to New Cashmere


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