Artist Spotlight: SCIFU

During this past SXSW, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the artists behind the collective, Hungry Castle, hailing from Barcelona. Their internet inspired brand is appropriately named, “Cool Shit”. Sara Cifuentes, who was on a ladder, painting on a gigantic laser cat at the time, came down to shake our hands and take a photo with us after we bought one of her sticker sheets – she was so nice and full of such a fun energy!

From the @coolshit Instagram

A little bit of background, gathered from the Hungry Castle website

Working collectively since 2011 the goal has always been to make big, playful things of cultural impact and use design thinking in a way that truly engages people. Influenced by Shepard Fairey’s prolific use of public space with the “Obey Giant” campaign, the artists combine unique 3-dimensional pieces with large-scale production a la Jeff Koons but with an added interactive ingredient to create a fully immersive experience between audience and art.

This group goes on tour and takes part in international music festivals. Last year, they showed up at Burning Man with a gigantic sculpture of Nicolas Cage’s head inside of a cage which is also a bounce house – WHAT. It doesn’t stop there – they designed and sold a corresponding line of clothes and accessories.



<See more Nicolas Cage in a Cage here>

At the Cool Shit SXSW Exhibition, they sold a collection of Cool Shit, including sad celebrity pins featuring a sad Johnny Depp and a sad Keanu. Cool, right? Then, I saw this sad Drake shirt and hat on the online shop and almost lost it. Wearable memes, am I right?


Sad Drake

THIS! I cannot get over how fantastically perfect the sad Drake swag is. Any chance there is a pin of this variety?

These branding geniuses have found an engaging way to communicate attention grabbing, relatable content, while having fun and bringing the “Cool Shit” experience to others.  Hungry Castle sells clothes when they pop up around the world, but they do so much more – they curate tangible, wearable Cool Shit that you can take home with you.

Sara Cifuentes, AKA SCIFU

Is anyone else suddenly craving a trip to Barcelona? I cannot wait to see what Hungry Castle will do next. Keep your eyes open for the signature style of SCIFU and her crew!

Much love to SCIFU and friends, you gave me cashmere.



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