#ANTM C24E2: Beauty in Los Angeles

This episode, featured a Runway Coaching Session by Stacy McKenzie, who was WERKING a yellow blazer like no other.

This led straight into a Baja East fashion show…in a Venice beach skatepark. Khrystyana came, slayed, and won the challenge which means she gets to walk in a Baja East fashion show in New York!

1st challenge: Skatepark Runway won by a 30+ curvy woman – she out here, representing folks.

The photo shoot for Episode 2 was a Hollywood-inspired maternity shoot, by Charlotte Rutherford, which showed which of the models were able to embody the Glow of pregnancy. Seeing the interview clips really showed the variety of responses to being cast in a role like this, and what relatable emotions and situations come to surface when a woman is asked to pose pregnant:

Rhiyan was told by Doctors that she might not be able to have a child. Understanding how this affected her, she gave face and modeled through it.

Erin, the only Momma of the group, became emotional while thinking of her family and how she never did a fabulous photo shoot when pregnant with any of her children, whom she loves so much. Erin had her moment, felt her feelings, and used her children as inspiration and Momma MODELED THROUGH IT. Not only that, she ended up with the 3rd best photo this week as well!

Then, we hear about “Brendi K – K for Kickass”. Brendi, Brendi, Brendi. Hearing more about her story and marveling at her blessed cheekbones and gorgeous facial features, I wanted her to thrive in this shoot. During her interview, she shared about hardships she survived before making it to ANTM – a miscarriage, an abusive relationship, and living in her car, without a home. Hearing these, relating to some of them, and knowing so many of you would also relate to parts of her journey, made me root for her to do so well in the weeks to come. She was in the bottom 2 this week, and right after Tyra revealed it would be her that was still in the running to become Americas Next Top Model, she looked straight into Brendi’s eyes and said, “I want to get you out of that car.” Come through and slay now, Brendi K.

More fierceness that must be mentioned:

Coura is going to find her G-E. She won best photo. Clearly, she looked like art and when I saw her photo, I may or may not have heard Andre Leon Talley’s voice in my head go, “Magnificent, Darling!” 

(Sadly, I could not find the photo online, but when I do – it will go here.)

Daaaaaaaamn Jeana! (insert fire emojis here) This multi-ethnic home girl ain’t playin, she is clearly here to slay.

I could continue, but I’ll pause right here. Come back to gush about #Cycle24 with me every week!

3 more words:

TYOVERS next episode!!!