As Seen @ SXSW: Denim from Dallas

Here’s another “as seen at” for y’all. I spotted Jessi in the South Bites food truck lot looking fabulous in this denim on denim ensemble.  Notice the details that make this Canadian Tuxedo work. Cute, clear sunnies, slightly puffed shoulders and metallic oxfords paired with cuffed jeans pull this outfit together in a done-up, yet… Continue reading As Seen @ SXSW: Denim from Dallas

As Seen @ SXSW: From Lines and Showcases

Two inevitable things at SXSW are lines and random venues. The random venue in this instance is a parking lot that we passed by en route to a venue that X Ambassadors were meant to play at. My point being that both of these, lines and random venues, are natural places to meander by well… Continue reading As Seen @ SXSW: From Lines and Showcases

Vestures of Vaness: Brunch and Banks

The other day, I was meeting up/reuniting with a sweet friend for brunch with plans of going to the bank to do some business afterwards. This outfit is what crossed my mind that morning as to what would be apropriate for both situations (and unexpected situations, because there are always unexpected situations) – because errands… Continue reading Vestures of Vaness: Brunch and Banks

Vestures of Vaness: Call Me Polkahontas

Today, on Vestures of Vaness, I have a little outfit for you. Pocahontas was obviously my childhood Disney doppelgänger (well, her and Jasmin – they were the only brown ones back in the day). So, when my first customer of the day told me this necklace reminded her of Pocahontas, how could I not name this after the barefooted kindred spirit?

Also, polka dots. Heyo. 

Here I have on:

  • Caterpillar Footwear Worksong Wingtip Oxfords
  • Guess high waisted black denim shorts
  • Random black leather waist belt 
  • Charter Club polka dotted button-up 
  • A rad necklace that I borrowed from my Mumsies’ armoire 
  • Converse clear, round-frame glasses (yes, they are prescription)

The principle: Wear much black and indulge in the art of colour pop. XO