Artist Spotlight: SCIFU

During this past SXSW, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the artists behind the collective, Hungry Castle, hailing from Barcelona. Their internet inspired brand is appropriately named, “Cool Shit”. Sara Cifuentes, who was on a ladder, painting on a gigantic laser cat at the time, came down to shake our hands and take… Continue reading Artist Spotlight: SCIFU

As Seen @ The Alameda: Olivia and the Unicorn

Happy Sunday! This morning, I spotted these magical shoes from across the Starbucks andwas thoroughly entranced.  Don’t they just call out to you? Shoes: Nike Blazer Color: Super Bowl I googled and found them on Ebay, here!!! I got to meet Olivia, who recently moved here from China and she was dressed super fly!  I… Continue reading As Seen @ The Alameda: Olivia and the Unicorn

As Seen @ Asheville: A Pair in Black

You know when it is sweltering hot  and humid out and you feel like melting into the ground like the Wicked Witch? I do. East Coast Summers are no joke! Hot. Humid. Rainstorms. Thunder…fireflies! Alas, these two were strolling around downtown Asheville, a city in the Blue Ridge Mountains, as if the weather was not… Continue reading As Seen @ Asheville: A Pair in Black

As Seen @ SXSW: Yvonne Lambert

Today on “As Seen @ SXSW” we have Yvonne Lambert, the fabulous female who also happens to be a part of a band local to Austin, The Octopus Project. Check them out here!        As you can see, this look is very intentional. We did not get to chat much, as The Octopus Project was… Continue reading As Seen @ SXSW: Yvonne Lambert

As Seen @ SXSW: Valeria

The South by Southwest extravaganza is in full swing in Austin! For those of you who are not familiar, SXSW is a convention with a focus on independent film, music from all over, and the “cutting edge” of technology (outdated phrase, I know). What is my favorite part? The clothes, duh. Outfits embodying styles of… Continue reading As Seen @ SXSW: Valeria

Vestures of Vaness: Turn Your Misadventures Into Fur Coats

This, dear fabulous people is less of a cautionary tale than my last post, and more of an applicable success story. By the way, greetings from Austin, Texas! It was quite the adventure driving here from San Jose, California. I mean, if we are going to be real about life, I was mostly a passenger… Continue reading Vestures of Vaness: Turn Your Misadventures Into Fur Coats