Artist Spotlight: SCIFU

During this past SXSW, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the artists behind the collective, Hungry Castle, hailing from Barcelona. Their internet inspired brand is appropriately named, “Cool Shit”. Sara Cifuentes, who was on a ladder, painting on a gigantic laser cat at the time, came down to shake our hands and take… Continue reading Artist Spotlight: SCIFU

As Seen @ SXSW: Denim from Dallas

Here’s another “as seen at” for y’all. I spotted Jessi in the South Bites food truck lot looking fabulous in this denim on denim ensemble.  Notice the details that make this Canadian Tuxedo work. Cute, clear sunnies, slightly puffed shoulders and metallic oxfords paired with cuffed jeans pull this outfit together in a done-up, yet… Continue reading As Seen @ SXSW: Denim from Dallas

As Seen @ SXSW: Gino Cingolani

This year, the music convention draws in tens of thousands of attendees from about 100 countries. Mind you, those numbers only pertain to those officially registered for the convention. That does not account for the whole other world of music week that is happening right outside! Meet Gino, @ginocingolani, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here he… Continue reading As Seen @ SXSW: Gino Cingolani

As Seen @ SXSW: From Lines and Showcases

Two inevitable things at SXSW are lines and random venues. The random venue in this instance is a parking lot that we passed by en route to a venue that X Ambassadors were meant to play at. My point being that both of these, lines and random venues, are natural places to meander by well… Continue reading As Seen @ SXSW: From Lines and Showcases

As Seen @ SXSW: Yvonne Lambert

Today on “As Seen @ SXSW” we have Yvonne Lambert, the fabulous female who also happens to be a part of a band local to Austin, The Octopus Project. Check them out here!        As you can see, this look is very intentional. We did not get to chat much, as The Octopus Project was… Continue reading As Seen @ SXSW: Yvonne Lambert

As Seen @ SXSW: Valeria

The South by Southwest extravaganza is in full swing in Austin! For those of you who are not familiar, SXSW is a convention with a focus on independent film, music from all over, and the “cutting edge” of technology (outdated phrase, I know). What is my favorite part? The clothes, duh. Outfits embodying styles of… Continue reading As Seen @ SXSW: Valeria