Playtime with MAC

It isn’t every day that I go to the mall, but when I do, sometimes the MAC squad is popped up and ready to experiment with my face. I had the opportunity to meet and chat with PJ (@forteaurora) as he turned up my brow and eyeshadow game for the day.  We were chatting about… Continue reading Playtime with MAC

Redefine Cycle 23: #ANTMisback Pt I – Dream Panel

Wait, so it is not over anymore? In case you have not heard yet, America’s Next Top Model is totally coming back! The confirmed news trickled throughout the interwebs including a casting call with directions of how to apply and the hashtag, “#ANTMisBack” to spread awareness and hype. Here is the sitch, as far as… Continue reading Redefine Cycle 23: #ANTMisback Pt I – Dream Panel